Do we sell Free-range meat?

We offer grass fed meat products, Pasture fed Lamb and Pork products and a small selection of Grain-finished products.

If I have a problem with my order what do I do?

If you find a problem with your order please contact us within 24hrs. If the error has been made by GFM, we will arrange a replacement or refund the spend amount in question.

If the matter is personnel error we will work with you to fix it.

What is our return policy?

We pride ourselves on providing the best quality and freshest produce possible. In the event you have received a product you are unhappy with due to quality or error, please contact the store immediately.

We will be happy to discuss the matter with you personally to determine the issue and treat the scenario individually. If the issue is deemed due to our error, then the goods will be replaced. A refund of the amount of the goods in question may also be considered in certain circumstances where replacement isn’t an option.

What makes us different?

We have been servicing the local community of Cherrybrook and surrounding areas now for over 40 years. Our reputation of the products we supply to our customers have.