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Welcome to George's Fine Meats

We provide much of Sydney with the most sought after cuts and hand selected meats. At Georges, we cut, trim, roll, slice and dice, all while understanding the standard that we need to reach to keep you coming back - and we love seeing you back at our shop front in Cherrybrook every week. We provide & sell the highest quality of meat, 7 days a week. The hallmark of a true tradesperson is consistency, and we're proud to service our local community you with top quality meat you wont find in any supermarket. All our staff have a high understanding of all our meat products, and we welcome questions and love to give advice on what’s best.

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Our Fine Meats


Beef Mince – Best Mince

Extra Lean Heart Smart Beef

Thin Plain Beef Sausages

Gluten free, made in-house with

Honey Soy Beef Stir-fry

100% yearling beef eye fillet,

Minute Steak

Cut thinner, from the eye

Prime Rib Steak

Free Range Beef farmed in

Veal Steak Crumbed

Chemical free, free range veal